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DARK® was founded by Marnick Smessaert in 2000. The think-tank, offices and production facilities are located in Belgium. DARK® is far from being a typical company and he is no typical entrepreneur. DARK® is a project that is driven by passion. Passion for design, innovation and lighting, and that passion is paying off! DARK® products are now distributed in 54 countries and have won 39 design awards. A unique achievement.

DARK® works with external designers, which in itself is a challenge. These designers are not always the biggest names, but rather individuals who share our human values. These creative jacks-of-all-trades have the courage and drive to stray from beaten paths.

DARK® is no ordinary lighting company. DARK® is "young and angry". It is a cauldron of creative ideas, producing highly original luminaires, lamps, chandeliers, sculptures and lighting concepts to create the desired ambience. DARK® products are no wallflowers; they are eye-catchers that will bring a whole new dimension to any room.

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