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News CTO Lighting: Petra pendant

The secret alchemy of glassblowing has been handled from generation to generation for centuries. This ancient technique is used to control the shape of glass creating exquisite pieces of artefacts that surrounded our day to day life since medieval times until now

When used for lighting, glass has the ability to diffuse and refract the light in ways that transform completely the atmosphere of an interior. And the beautiful imperfections of mouthblown glass make each piece of light unique.

PETRA pendant light perfectly combines the delicacy and the strength of this wonderful material. A soft meteoric core of molten smoked glass or opal glass juxtaposed it with a second outer layer of thick curvaceous pebble-like shape in a tinted neutral pigment creating a depth of light and form.

The reflection through the mouthblown glass brings a soft and gentle glaze that combined with the carefully polished metal finishes of satin brass and bronze adds luxury and warmth to any interior. Both glass layers of this delicate pendant are mouthblown and crafted by expert artisans especially for CTO.

These refined translucent glass pendants can either be used as a singular statement light or in multiples to create a delicate display of lights.

PETRA pendant light is available in two sizes and four colour combinations to suite any interior; satin brass and bronze finishes with smoked glass shade, hand shaped smoked inner glass or opal inner glass shade.