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Cristal Benito, a family and crystal story since 1952. For 3 generations, the Benito family has been transmitting the know-how of crystal sculpture . This unparalleled technique, combined with that of the assembly of bronze elements of art or solid silver, even vermeil or gold, is at the service of the creativity of each of the family members who have developed. Over time, a wide range of exceptional objects, diffused in the biggest luxury shops of the whole world and one finds them in the palaces of kings, Saudi princes, emirs or stars of the song.

This Cristal Benito traditional know-how is passed on from generation to generation and requires many years’ practice and thought.The crystal is hand-cut using lathes inherited from the father of the present head of the company. The pattern is reproduced using a felt tip pen on the crystal shape and cut along the lines using different wheels until the desired sheen is obtained. The resulting product is placed on a 24 carat gilt bronze mounting. One of the company’s specialities is narrow 32-facet cutting, a technique which makes the object sparkle.

The creations of Cristal Benito are timeless and can be considered for some as true works of art. However, we must not forget that these exceptional pieces remain objects designed to be used: vases, bowls, planters, boxes and eggs with perfumes or jewels, cellars with caviar, but also flasks and today wall sconces. The created objects by Cristal Benito are distinguished by a very large variety of crystal size, the most traditional (diamond, cabochon, star with 32 facets) to the most modern, carried out with perfect control and sometimes to the limit of the resistance of the material.

The freehand size gives each piece its unique character, and the assembly on precious bronze elements adapted to the selected decorative style – Classic, Louis XV, Empire, Art Deco or Contemporary – brings a perfect finish to this artisanal production out of common. Each piece in the Cristal Benito Collection becomes a rare piece with its own story.

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