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Cremasco Illuminazione Snc has been committed since 1972 to create refined classic models. The company is always offering innovative lightning solutions projected exclusively with high quality ‘made in Italy’ materials.

Cremasco Illuminazione has been expertly combining the classical style of the Veneto tradition with modern design for over 40 years. When creating its products, the company always takes great care in the selection of top quality materials, integrating them with new technologies.

Every article is manufactured with care and passion and enhanced by small distinctive features and typical characteristics, which are now the exclusive preserve of master craftsmen from the Veneto region. Traditional workmanship and techniques that have now all but disappeared, acquired and refined by Cremasco over the years, make all of its items unique and exclusive. All Cremasco Illuminazione products are entirely handcrafted in Italy, conveying its strong desire to upkeep the traditions of this region.

Cremasco Illuminazione boats an excellent international reputation due to high value products and a wide range of bound items which has been allowing the company to reach a leadership position in the European market for years.

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