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The Creazioni brand by Silik was born in 1997 and is the result of a desire to dress up past styles with a new modern and carefree look. Even in its name "Creazioni", the brand expresses its goal of revitalizing the styles of the past by representing them in a new light.

The new lines of Creazioni's furniture are indeed creations of interior design, dramatic and visual emotions that are in line with the variety of tastes and cultures that characterize contemporary life. The unusual shapes, the contrasts of bright colors, and the bold combinations of materials are always governed by the highest craftsmanship to create a kaleidoscope of styles and atmospheres that reinvent the space with creativity and irony, offering not just the furniture of the past revisited, but also contemporary design pieces.

Hotels public areas, like ballrooms, lobbies, meeting rooms and corridors are the preferred destination of Creazioni products. Chairs and armchairs are used in restaurants, clubs, conference rooms, cruise ships living areas and restaurants. Creazioni products also decorate fashion and jewels shops all over the world, giving a touch of personality to each contest. The quality system of the company is certified by the ISO 9001 standard.

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