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Concreta, a trademark of Diesis s.r.l., is a tuscan industrial company, affirmed during the last 10 years, that produces and distributes kitchen furnitures in modern and classic styles. High technology production’s equipment, advanced management methods, but above all – prepared and efficient persons, ready to think in a new, positive way, ensure our clients and guarantee them continue assistance and maximum quality of service.

Concreta was born and works in the heart of Tuscany. Of this land belong colors, elegance, tradition and craft knowledge and taste for beauty. From all this wonderful products are made with care that defy time.

Colors, tradition and in the heat of Tuscany are the roots of Concreta design, the place where the company was born and actually operates. Clean lines and multiple finishings create quality products that meet every need and taste. The tradition of Tuscan artisans’ knowledge and taste for beauty come together in different Concreta collections: contemporary, Classic Collection and Luxury kitchens, bringing together different styles but united by the research of design and quality of materials used.

A wide choice of colors, materials and components, customizing every kitchen.

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