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Today Cierre is a dynamic reality within a European tradition, where "family business" play a key role in the country’s economic growth and represent the "Made in Italy" design. Year after year, the leather upholstered furniture have developed a new trend. The new collections have resulted in creative projects, combining elegance with high quality, arts with technique. Following this idea, Cierre has started to design all their products as icons of contemporary life. Expressions of time. Sublimations of space.

Cierre chooses hides from international markets and only work with trustworthy tanneries, that are irreplaceable partners for them, supplying materials with high quality standards. The ability of using excellent quality leather is the first step to manufacture sofas of undeniable value.

Cierre sofas are handcrafted products, which means they are skilfully made "by hand". People working at this factory are the backbone of the company. Having grown up and developed their skills within Cierre's "workshop", they are the present and the future of the "made in Italy".

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