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Since 1977 CIAC Cosmopolitan Home represents and promotes a select group of high end Italian furniture manufacturers all over the world. CIAC Cosmopolitan Home is the warm and pulsating heart of a pool of companies which has been exporting, for 30 years, the style and quality of high-end “Made in Italy” furniture to over 60 countries. With its ongoing presence at leading trade fairs in Western, Chinese and Far Eastern markets, CIAC Cosmopolitan Home spreads creativity and highly exclusive luxury products. Today CIAC Cosmopolitan Home globally represents and promotes a select group of Italian high-end companies producing both fine classical cabinetwork and contemporary design, from children’s bedrooms to kitchens. Each of these companies has the same goal: Growth and Quality orientation!

The timeless elegance and contemporary sophistication of the collections are sure to enthuse the design conscious customers. Each piece of furniture has been created by hand, using the finest Italian marble, embroidered leathers, hand crafted wood, glass and brushed metals, resulting in a luxurious and sophisticated collection, that would feel at home in a penthouse apartment, a five star hotel or a townhouse in any capital city. This strong uniqueness is created without forgetting anything: special craftsmanship, top design, technologically monitored production processes, the experience and expertise in tailormade products that is unrivalled on the market. With its continuous drive focused on total quality, the CIAC Cosmopolitan Home team selects growing companies that offer excellent skills and specialisation in the key sectors of interior furnishings: from styles – classic, contemporary and glamorous – to areas – living rooms, bedrooms, children’s bedrooms, kitchens, leisure, etc.

Enthusiasts of the most refined lifestyles all know and appreciate the “Made in Italy” concept but thanks to CIAC Cosmopolitan Home it takes on a more special value. The strict certifications that testify the origin of materials and the tracking of production processes, entirely original design and the amazing skills of expert craftsmen are the unmistakable features of the unrivalled Italian way of life.

Experience, expertise and spirit of innovation are CIAC's main characteristics which have contributed to the continual growth of the company.

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