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Since 1960 Fratelli Cenedese creates furniture that is distinguished by the refined execution finishes. The high craftsmanship of its workers allow us to offer closets and rooms of merit, which highlight for the accuracy of construction and special finishes. Unique pieces that are born from a deep "passion" for the traditional manufacturing.

A unique piece of furniture is made of special details. Just like the decorations and paintings made by master craftsmen Fratelli Cenedese in the Laboratory of Art. Here it is created the decoration, also at the request of the customer, and proceed to all the subsequent stages of its realization.

The collection Fratelli Cenedese is fully customizable and made with real wood and high quality materials, a prerogative that can be appreciated in every product. All solutions are the result of a great experience and tradition of craftsmanship and attention to every detail, from design to construction of each piece of furniture signed Fratelli Cenedese.

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