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The Ceccotti Collezioni story heralds from Ceccotti Aviero, a company founded in 1956, specializing in the production of residential furniture and later in supplying hotels. The company collaborated with some of the most prestigious hotel groups in the world, Trusthouse Forte from London, Sheraton and Ciga, giving an international application to the traditional artisan workmanship of the Tuscan town of Cascina, nestled between Florence and Pisa, where the company is based. It is only with the birth of Ceccotti Collezioni by Franco Ceccotti that contemporary design becomes a significant cornerstone of the company. Thanks to the intuition and perception of Franco Ceccotti and architect Roberto Lazzeroni, also from Pisa, with the "know-how" that the company had, gave life to the first collection "Dedos Tenidos", receiving critical acclaim in the world of contemporary design. Experimenting with new shapes and materials, influenced by the eclectic and surrealistic world of Gaudi, Mollino and Scandinavian designs of the 1950’s, Ceccotti Collezioni developed objects of organic sinuosity, anthromorphic shapes, where soft curves connected with slipping profiles.

Ceccotti Collezioni is unique and recognized all over the world in the field of interior design for the ability to create "products of the author", unique in their originality and constructive complexity, design without ostentation of industrial geometries but also without aesthetic frivolity, with the scope of reconnecting objects to a tradition and to a history. Over the years Franco Ceccotti has worked with passion on the project of coordination and research, combining his personal aesthetic and intellectual taste with the manual traditions of his company and the various stylistic prints of the designers collaborating with him to create a dialogue with various parts of the world – always aiming to model the projects in order to reflect the distinctive style of Ceccotti Collezioni.

Ceccotti Collections conveys the uniqueness of its products through the use of the material. Uses wood coming from plantations strictly controlled in accordance with the life cycle of trees, supporting the necessary recycling and reforestation. Ceccotti Collections focuses its attention to recycling of wood waste recovered after processing of the raw material to produce heat and reduce energy costs environment. Its timbers do not contain formaldehyde.

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