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Casamania is a division of Frezza Spa and part of the Doimo Group. Casamania has created an identity distinct from its parent structure Frezza (which offers predominantly office furniture solutions) by offering a universe of products which range from furnishing systems to chairs, lights, and accessories. Constantly developing whilst catering primarily to home furnishing, Casamania’s products are also suitable for use in contract and offices.

Casamania, founded in 1984 offers dynamic and high quality design solutions for residential, hospitality or commercial projects. Internationally renowned designers and emerging 21st century young talents can be seen respectively, like the Kant Stool by internationally renowned designer, Karim Rashid, or Sean Yoo and his Opus Incertum Bookcase.

Casamania offers designs strongly characterized by bold color, distinct shape, and clean, fluid forms, bringing a visual harmony to any space. At the foundation of each collection are dynamic, innovative, and high quality design solutions.

Casamania is able to offer a new vision of furnishing as an expression of lifestyle, philosophy and personality. Clients are presented with the opportunity to create environments with furnishings that are unique, modern and sustainable.

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