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Casalis designs and produces contemporary interior applications based on textiles, for private dwellings as well as for public spaces. Carpets, objects and acoustic panels which are functional as well as artistic meet the very highest standards.

Casalis was founded in 2000. Originally, Casalis's goal was to become one of the main brands of carpets. Casalis likes to use authentic carpet weaving techniques, working in concert with the people and cultures that underlie these methods.

In 2005, the collection of Cаsalis was supplemented by the Bonnet series – a collection of elegant puffs and blankets that perfectly match the Casalis carpets. Based on the success of these products, Casalis decided to expand the segment in production and become innovative in the field of textiles for the interior in general.

Today Casalis is sold in 32 countries, is well-known and respected for its high level of quality and design.

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