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Founded by Barcelonian entrepreneur Jaime CasaDesús in 1973, the story of the company began in the field of upholstered furniture, with memorable collections which have become Spanish designer classics. For some years now, the family-owned company has broadened its product portfolio by creating, manufacturing and marketing bedrooms, chairs and dining-room ancillary furniture.

In its beginnings, the production was based principally in upholstery; collections as Don (1981 Isern & Gema Bernal) or New York (1992 Nancy Robbins) belong to the classics in the world of Design. During the last years, CasaDesús has expanded the supply of its products and has become a point of reference in Spain due to the quality and the design of its collections. All CasaDesús furniture is handmade to order by expert craftsmen. This ensures both the superlative quality of each piece and their ability to offer countless customizations of size, finish, and color. A CasaDesús design can be custom-created to suit any space in the contemporary home or hospitality space.

Innovation, continuous improvement of the quality of products and commercialexpansion are the three strategic objectives the management team aspires to carry out at medium term in order to put the brand CasaDesús on top of the world’s first design companies. Furniture from Spain, offers you the opportunity to discover new products among a wide range of collections. Master is conceived as a collection of easy combinable seats. By means of a series of basic modules given it is possible to create any type of composition, adjusting it to the space given by each project. The simplicity of the system allows to create contemporary interiors from the point of view of modern design. The main idea of the collection Baku is to combine the possibility of having a box that serves as a traditional side table and at the same time serves as a storage box. The boxes can be placed not only at the foot end of the sofa (traditional way) but also between two pieces of the sofa.This way we get a new arrangement of the pieces. The main characteristic of the Alex collection is its seating portfolio with its contemporary design. The huge pile of cushions included permits to play with the seat depth. The collection includes many different sizes and pieces which can be combined and this way permit to create any kind of composition in order to adapt to the needs of your project.

Attentive to minimal details, they aspire for perfection and find a way into the lifestyles filling the most welcoming homes of today a recognizable CasaDesús lifestyle. The company collaborates closely with renowned designers from Italy and Spain. From these relationships, ideas, products, collections and finishes are born. This allows they to work both nationally and internationally, positioning and making the CasaDesús brand recognizable worldwide.

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