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From his foundation in 1993 Casa Nobile has obtained a rapid recognition reaching a leader position in its field. Casa Nobile wants to be a great joinery refusing all industrial features and prefers to preserve the classical handmade work of an old joinery. The reason of this success stands on the quality and on the experience of their workers that are able to do marvellous finishes which exalt the beauty of the furniture.

The trademark Casa Nobile protects against all market counterfeits, every piece of furniture is unique and inimitable. With the passion that always characterizes Casa Nobile, company offer custom-made furniture solutions. From the planning to the making their experts follow each step; every detail is carefully looked after, creating unique and always different solutions with taste and elegance but never exceeding in sumptuousness, reaching a perfect harmony of the forms.

Beauty is a seduction quality of things that exists in the mind of those who plan but also of those who contemplate; this mind perceives a different beauty; an elegance rising from luxury.

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