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After 40 years of experience in this sector, Gianni Erba together with his son Carlo, founded INDIKON in 2005, a leader company in production and distribution of carpets and rugs. Together with the subsidiary company Berry Mills, Indikon disposes of looms and production centers in India, with offices located in the USA, Italy, India and Japan.

As an answer to the continuous evolution of interior design INDIKON, launches a new brand for the development of stylish contemporary carpets.

Carpet Edition is a series of contemporary design collections taking shape from the collaboration between the experience of Indikon, the craftsmanship in hand and the creativity of designers and architects. The mix of these 3 key factors brings a unique character to the Carpet Edition’s rugs, highlighting the ancient culture of making carpets with a new contemporary breeze.

The Vintage&Patchwork collection represents the starting point for the Carpet Edition, that carries on its research with the In-Out Door collection.

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