Cappellini IntagliItalyLead time 80 days

Cappellini Intagli was founded in Cabiate in 1947, thanks to its capability in reproducing the beauty of yesteryear consoles, mirrors, tables and complementary pieces. Every creations of Cappellini Intagli testifies the love passion for the creation of collector's items.

Prodotti 100% full made in Italy. All the creations are completely hand carved and subject to great care in finishes and materials.

The great strength of Cappellini Intagli is the vastness of the articles and the vastness of the quantity of articles, developed thanks to the continuous comparison with the interior designers and with the final costumer, giving sprout every day to the creation of a new product.

The revisiting of the best periods of the history of the English and French piece of furniture it is the base of every realization of Cappellini Intagli, because only the knowledge of the tradition combined to the manual abilities of cabinetmakers can bring to so high levels.

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