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Cappelletti has been designing and producing classic furniture in the luxury sector and brass furnishing accessories and components since 1956. Its markets of reference have always been the Far East and Middle East, Asia and the Americas.

Over all these years, Tino Cappelletti, the company owner, has given his products a unique, personal and unmistakable style that has been such an inspiration to so many people that it’s become known as the “Cappelletti style”: rich, sophisticated and eye-catching. Designed for someone who desires luxury and excellence in furnishing.

Cappelletti Furniture and Accessories Factory: bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, kitchens, baths, furnishing components and accessories. The offer is completed by lamps, curtains and bedcovers, carpets and objects, that are coordinated with each other.

Every Cappelletti item is designed and produced exclusively in Italy. All components, woods, metals, fabrics, as well as every stage of the workmanship and assembly of each individual piece, are of certified Italian production, origin and making, as proved by the certificate of authenticity and guarantee 100% Original Italian Quality IT01 System (registration N.436.070.V) enclosed in each item.

For years the undisputed leader in brass and fine metal furniture combined with traditional furnishing materials, Cappelletti has also been active in the contract sector as Cappelletti Contract Project.

Cappelletti Contract Project: through the phases of design, development, coordination, production and installation of items, it handles the creation of presidential palaces, public and private residences, restaurants and casinos and even “turnkey” delivery.

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