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Cameron Design House is an award-winning British bespoke sculptural lighting company based in London. Founded by Ian Cameron in 2014, Cameron Design House has become synonymous with unique, contemporary design and refined craftsmanship.

Cameron Design House has a shared history between the United Kingdom and Finland and has combined the influences of vibrant central London and the tranquil Nordic countryside into his sculptural pieces. Proudly designed and made in Britain, embracing the British tradition of exploring the far reaches of possibility together with the Nordic premise of clean lines and maximising lightness, Cameron Design House prioritises both form and function to achieve a beautiful, enduring collection.

All Cameron Design House pieces are custom made in their London studio. The bespoke nature of company's approach means they are able to tailor each specification to the individual requirements of any project. Its design and customisation service is offered without a fee regardless of the scale of a project and they provide the 3D models, renders, technical drawings and documentation to support the design.

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