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The Ca'Belli Luce was born in 2000 in Urbino, in the Marche, from a previous company operating in the lighting by the passion of John Lisi has always been interested in design, originality, in search of beauty, wonder what that could conceive again – in the light of the world – not to repeat the choices already made by others, and to propose a different view of that original life partner who is the light.

Ca'Belli Luce collaborate with designers and architects worldwide fame as Lucidi & Pevere, the Cornalissen, Marco Romanelli, which continuously bring new knowledge in the field of design and use of innovative light sources. This is the philosophy that drives since 2000 Ca'Belli Luce to invest in continuous research of materials, also unusual, that you can use in this game of combinations of materials and light.

Ca'Belli Luce has always used natural materials from various regions of Italy, processed by craftsmen who have passed down the trade from generation to generation. The material most commonly used is the local stone that – under the blows of the designers – is transformed into light, sitting in sculpture, beautiful hybrid between art and nature. Likewise for glass processing that has not changed over time.

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