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Since 1975, Cabas is a leading manufacturer of high-end furniture for hotels, restaurants, lounge areas, headquarters. The company works in the contract segment together with architects, interior designers and furniture buyers.

Cabas items have precise characteristics, sophisticated expressions, targeted design and production solutions to meet all official standards in terms of structural characteristics, adaptability, fire-proofing, ergonomics and mechanical safety for contract use. When developing products, the company focuses on the specific destination and the type of people that will use them. The dining room of a luxury hotel has a different target than a restaurant, the sofa in an hotel suite will be different from the sofa for the hall and so on.

Cabas is part of the Italian furniture history. Borne out of one's intuition, it has gone through strong moments of growth and prosperity and also hardships, but never compromised in its high-end contract furniture production.

Technology is at the service of Cabas knowledge acquired in over 40 years of experience: technological development has increased their quality standards and allowed they to carry out woodworking and upholstery cuts of unrivaled refinement and refined taste.

Cabas production preserves all the craftsman spirit of a handmade production. Cabas boasts a prestigious portfolio of works done worldwide for the most prestigious customers.

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