Buster and PunchUnited KingdomLead time 60 days

News Buster and Punch: A seductive villa that might make your eyes water

Kitchen design is one of our favourite insta-escapes right now. Another of our favourite designers, Paul Badran pulls no punches in this masterclass of attention to detail and material sourcing.

Matt grey floor-to-ceiling cabinets and dark woods rub and glide against blends of mottled marble. Smoked glass fronts leave just enough to the imagination and we don’t need to go into the brass hood, buffed to perfection.

The alluring space has a next-level finishing down to the smallest of details, like the sandwich wood-marble-wood shelving with built in lighting for extra atmosphere. And the small table, perching on its foundation slab is enough to raise the pulse.

Buster + Punch’s EXHAUST lighting formalises the space, spread at intervals throughout to cast an even diffused light.