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Busatto: the classic Italian furniture, handmade.

Busatto Classic Italian Furniture is a company based in Bassano del Grappa, Vicenza, which has a forty-year experience in the production of classic Italian style furniture with a very characteristic and refined declination and a precise, clean and artisanal style. And it is precisely the strongly artisan approach to producing one's own furniture, one of the strengths of this company where all the projects are carried out manually, in order to make each piece unique and original. The carving and the marquetry are performed by master carpenters, able to enhance every single vein of the wood species. The care and research of details during production is reflected in the final finishing of the piece of furniture. Carefully chosen raw materials are worked with care,down to the most minimal detail, to guarantee lasting quality, never forgetting that, since wood is a living substance, its imperfections always will be part of its natural beauty.

Selecting a piece of Busatto furniture means more than merely furnishing a house: it means picturing something unique and exclusive, appreciating it made, being able to admire it every day, living with it and sharing it. Opting for a Busatto design means transforming a house into a home that reflects a true lifestyle. This is the only way that beauty comes alive, that the normal becomes exceptional and that the ordinary becomes extraordinary. The living room walls for the living rooms are a triumph of wood: capitals, columns and bas-reliefs embellish these handmade furniture, giving the impression of having arrived from the past. One of the flagship projects of this company is definitely "Atelier", an interesting combination of beauty, style and construction technique that combines solid and modern materials with finishes in vintage woods such as cherry and antique walnut. Also available in lacquered with different shades from white to ivory, the Atelier Wall System solution is also equipped with an interesting angular modularity that allows it to adapt to any available environment.

If passion for finishing and details is the strong point of every single design, dedication to quality and absolute perfection are the hallmarks of Busatto – a brand that knows the real meaning of the word excellence.

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