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Bucalossi was born 50 years ago in the heart of Tuscany, in an area with a strong artistic, known throughout the world not only for its beautiful landscapes and literary culture but also for the high craftsmanship and inventiveness of its people.

For fifty years, the company offers its solutions Bucalossi everything for home furnishing and functional and creative options for the office. Its advantage is the ability to combine quality workshop processing with technological innovation. Series Hilton is the most famous and successful line, showing the evolution of aesthetics and quality Bucalossi, bringing to the fore the beauty of the wood processing, the precious decoration, wooden paneling. Each cabinet is composed of tuned parts, decorated with carvings and inlays of expensive varieties of stone and glass, gilded or silvered in the form of intricate patterns.

Starting from design through all the processes of production of their product is only "homemade", so Bucalossi can ensure 100% MADE IN ITALY.

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