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Piombini born in 1925 of Mario Piombini, artisan cabinetmaker of Bovolone, a town in the Veronese, cradle of the best tradition of art furniture. Fourth generation, Bruno Piombini continues to offer its know-how at the service of natural and noble materials, maintaining the tradition of furniture handmade in Italy.

Create the brand "Bruno Piombini", that in the coming years become a symbol of quality furniture produced in Italy. With Roberto, Bruno's son, the company won the national market quality furniture. Building on this milestone, Bruno Piombini continues its research and innovation. In continuous renewal and in line with market needs, The company now boasts a wide spectrum of products from classic taste, contemporary and modern.

The main activity of Bruno Piombini - manufacture of classic furniture from the best varieties of wood treated according to old recipes in Italy. High technology, combined with exquisite finishes and impeccable design taste, led to what Bruno Piombini has become one of the most significant importers of furniture in Italy. Now the furniture, which produces the Italian factory Bruno Piombini, is sold in more than thirty countries around the world.

Bruno Piombini produce drawers, tables and chairs, desks and secretaries, beds, which for many years, are examples of role models and a model for multiple copies. This is not surprising. Natural, environmentally friendly materials, the best type of wood and, of course, the wealth of shapes and finishes – it is a gift for those who can appreciate quality and beauty.

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