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Brummel cucine was created in 1982, the brainchild of Francesco Stragliotto. Right from the start the aim was to establish a dynamic and functional company where innovation and ongoing research into exclusive, eclectic solutions with an across-the-board appeal would be the distinctive elements contributing to creating a strong, successful brand identity.

The stylistic aim of Brummel is based on a strong concept able to create new living spaces’ styles, where comfort and originality are perfectly mixed. Its style has a strong and characteristic feature, able to outline this ambitious project’s guidelines, where the project proposal is inspired by a classic style, revised with modern accent. Brummel creates and evolves its concept, following the famous Italian artistic and cultural creativity, which qualifies Italian products all around the world.

For years the entire production cycle has been carried out exclusively in Italy, in the Brummel factory, where every phase of the production process is carried out. Every Brummel product is a Made in Italy tailored article, environmentally friendly, of the highest quality, always unique, exclusive and equal only to the requirements of the person who chose it. Today, after more than 30 years, Brummel is highly regarded all over the world.

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