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The Pier Antonio Bonacina factory is one of the leaders in the production of wicker furniture in Italy. High quality, functionality, expressive design - these are the components of the success of Bonacina upholstered furniture. A series of great names who have collaborated with the factory over the years have raised the status of Bonacina for many years. Gio Ponti, Marco Zanuso, M. Agnoli, Joe Colombo, V. Vigano, M. Bellini, Donato D'Urbino, Paolo Lomazzi, Tito Agnoli, Giuseppe Vigano ', Nico Devito, Franco Bizzozzero - the things they designed remain valuable not so much because of their functional qualities, but because of the poetry of the image.

Weaving has always been a key ingredient in the success of Pierantonio Bonacina. Along with traditional materials - reeds, reeds, rattan, the factory uses modern materials krylon, plastic, leather in its latest collections, keeping the traditions of hand-woven weaving. A large selection of fabrics and woods, all kinds of sizes for sofas, armchairs and coffee tables Bonacina make it possible to create your unique interior.

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