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Founded in 2005 in Vancouver, Canada, by Randy Bishop and Omer Arbel, lighting design brand Bocci produces veritable light sculptures that derive from a research on the physical and chemical qualities of materials.

Bocci launched with one lighting design, ‘14’, which became an instant classic and remains a design staple and bestseller. Today the company offers seven families of ambient lighting (14, 16, 21, 28, 38, 57, 73), two design objets (19, 25) and one collection of electrical accessories (22). The collections are named numerically to reflect their place in the chronology of Arbel's creative process; very few of his designs have commercial viability, hence the gaps between the series numbers.

In 2013, 280 of Bocci's 28 series glass pendants were suspended in the entrance of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, cascading more than 30 metres down in a tangle of copper wires.

Canada's embassy in London was closed for renovations and reopened by Queen Elizabeth II in February 2015 with 157 of Bocci's 57 series highlighting the central staircase.

Bocci Berlin opened November 6, 2015. Bocci transformed a historic Berlin building into a showroom and archive. ‘Bocci 79’ inhabits a 2,200 m2 former courthouse, constructed in 1896, showcasing over a decade of works by Omer Arbel, ranging from pieces in progress, prototypes and ideas, to the complete range of catalogue pieces developed for Bocci.

Discover range of Bocci's iconic glass lighting in a range of styles.

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