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Blifase is a family-run artisan company founded in 1963 by the experience and passion of Lionello Buttazzoni. In keeping with tradition, wood has istinguished the company's history since its inception. Since then, every Blifase product interprets this noble and natural material, transforming it into contemporary collections with a unique style, designed to furnish hotels and dining rooms all over the world.

Blifase provide the customer with the experience of three generations and 55 years of activity to offer customized solutions, from the study phase of the product, to its realization and after-sales service, ensuring efficiency and timeliness. A passion for craftsmanship paired with the most modern industrial technologies, a love for quality and precise workmanship guide the company as Blifase creates chairs and tables that last over time and beyond trends. Each product intended for the contract market, in addition to adding warmth and elegance to environments designed for guests, should necessarily fulfil several fundamental requirements: strength, resistance, comfort, safety.

Blifase merges design with safety: the quality control system complies with standard ISO 9001:2008; most of the products are fire-resistant (CLASS 1 IM approval) and certified by CATAS, the Italian R&D institute and laboratory for testing in furniture and wood-based products. Blifase models also fulfil specific certification requirements of various foreign markets.

Continual research into quality and a deep understanding of the various needs of markets/countries are the foundation of the Blifase production philosophy.

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