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Billards Bréton: billiard passion since 1852. At that time main clients were hotels, restaurants and pubs which rented Carom billiard tables for their customers.

Today Billards Bréton remain a top-hand partner for large playing rooms and academies in France but also for many professionals within the interior design industry worldwide. This historical, commercial and sports success is today a testimony of Billards Bréton's professionalism.

Because it is not necessarily easy to dedicate a whole room to your billiard table, it seemed important for Billards Bréton to create and to conceive models which can be easily integrated into most of the rooms of your daily universe (kitchen, dining room, lounge, gaming room).

Therefore all Billards Bréton's models can be turned into dining-room tables or office desks, very simply, by the addition of a 2 or 3 parts plate realized in the same finish as the rest of the table. You can choose a glass table top for a unique design result.

On all their models Billards Bréton offers you to play either Carom billiard (French billiard) or US Pool thanks to easy to store and highly reliable "plugs" system. These elements will maintain over the long run perfect playing conditions for both type of games.

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