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Biba Salotti sofas are made of natural and innovative materials selected by manufacturer according to criteria of quality, safety and solidity. Such characteristics combined with accuracy of traditional working methods make each Biba’s sofa precious and durable.

Biba Salotti knows very well that it is necessary to offer its customers a wide range of fabrics to choose for their sofas’ covering. In this way, every model becomes a unique piece, according to the selection of bright colours, natural fibres and shades, or high tech fabrics and fashion colours. Biba Salotti studies carefully the characteristics of covering in accordance with technical and aesthetic features of the sofa. Every material of collection has been tested to guarantee high quality, resistance and abrasion resistance.

Biba Salotti chooses wood of the highest quality in accordance with its value. Wood used for structural parts is of multilayer poplar, while for the closing parts is of plywood and hardboards. All visible parts, such as feet or design components are of noble woods such as beech, wenge, oak or cherry. The long lasting experience of handmade working and knowledge of the most up-to-date technologies allow the realization of surely strong structures that is a perfect starting point for the setting of a comfortable and ergonomic upholstered sofa.

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