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Since 1971 Bianchini&Capponi has started its manufacturing activity in the furnishing sector in Arezzo, Tuscany, a great city of arts which is a cradle of the Italian antique trade. Since the very beginning the company’s lines are characterized by a retro inspiration, linked with the new interpretation of great furnishing classics of all times together with a particular artistic and craft care for the manufacturing.

At the time of renewed interest in bathrooms, Bianchini&Capponi was the first company to propose wooden bathroom furniture in the antique style in 1980. It has immediately got a great success: an idea of more unique "imperfect" feel, using natural materials such as solid wood and marble and it has been appreciated by the customers.

In 1996, Bianchini&Capponi launched a new collection dedicated to the people who appreciate prestigious and unique pieces: the Linea Rinascimento, composed of furniture and doors single by their nature of design, following the most antique restoration techniques, enriched with precious hand-made decorations.

Bianchini&Capponi has operated for over fourty years in the global market of Interior Design and Bathroom Decoration, achieving an unchallenged leading position in the Creation, Design and Construction of top quality items.

Capitalizing on this success and on the vast experience it has gained over the years, Bianchini&Capponi now revises its Custom Tailored Contract, which calls for the most accurate care in each phase of an Interior Decoration Project.

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