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BertO is a fine tailoring upholstery atelier; it represents the artisan excellence. During the ’50s two brothers, Fioravante and Carlo Berto, decided to move from Veneto to the region of Brianza where they started working as upholsterers. Even if they were young, they had the opportunity to work in the biggest upholstery companies and laboratories of this area. During 1974 they decided to work by themselves and open their own laboratory. The production slowly increased together with the number of people employed in the company. Thanks to the web the firm BertO has increased his production tenfold and has become an international, successful example. BertO produces sofas and furniture accessories totally custom made and on demand.

The BertO company offers a full service of custom made interior projects, thanks to all people – from the defining up to the purchasing process – that will help you in satisfying your needs and that are able to give you some good advices in order to buy a product that really represents your own personality. This product will be then produced by the best skillful artisan hands which are the true expression of their working area, the Brianza, always at the highest level in the Italian manufacture.

Co-creation, openness and sharing are simple actions that they practice in the daily routine of the company and greatly affect the way they produce and describe their work. They enjoy bringing attention to the work they do as artisans, for they the art of upholstery is beautiful, and because of these practices, they have learned how to interact with their ecosystem in dynamic ways. BertO have discovered new methods of sharing the value of the Brianza and their own expertise with their customers, friends and the public.

BertO’s approach to the market is as peculiar as its production: near the experiential one-brand showrooms you can actually find a high technological ecommerce that allows all people, from everywhere in the world, to define their own furniture as if they were visiting the showroom, and all that is possible thanks to the constant presence of native furniture consultants.

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