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Bertelè, a classical style revisited in a contemporary light, has a long history of nearly a half century, marked by the foresight and commitment of the founders. A timeless passion is told by the two female generations of the family – Luigina, Luciana, Beatrice and Elena – whose womanly savoir faire accompanies them on a voyage through characteristically Italian tradition, allowing them to offer truly unique new editions of classic pieces from the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.

Bertelè offers unique furniture, with great attention to detail, so as to characterise the company as a brand of very high quality and antique reproduction. It is a perfect fusion of historic tradition and contemporary design. This is the philosophy that made the Bertelè brand great and that enabled its products to become part of the history of classic furniture, and to be a prestigious name within its field in Italy and worldwide.

Bertelè furniture is designed to fit into today’s homes, and great attention is taken in the choice of colours, fabrics, riding the wave of the most innovative trends and most current design.

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