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Born through the desire of combining design and innovation, Belta has quickly become a active player for the vanguard furniture field in national and international markets. Objects that were created to excite the mind and fulfil the functions for which they were designed. Beltá designs physical products and gives them soul and spirit. In its passion for design, the company works with international designers.

Back in 1967 Mr. Francisco Juan Martínez was the founder of Frajumar. It is a family business guided by a dynamic spirit and committed with quality, innovation and design. Focused to create timeless pieces together with a traditional know-how due his large experience. His first furniture collection was created to achieve the needs of contemporary life style.

Belta & Frajumar Projects is a furniture and upholstery manufacturer and we offer a wide range of services in order to achieve any kind of integral project for interior design at domestic and international markets, proven through all of the projects accomplished.aWe also have a professional assembling team which allows us to offer to the customer a "turnkey" project if required. Many projects around the world have been accomplished by us or are equipped with our products.

Frajumar and currently also Belta have been recognized with several national and international prestigious awards for its commitment for the design, quality and innovation.

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