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BBelle is a Vittorio Grifoni brand designed to give a new look and dimension to the company’s deeply rooted craftsmanship and its 50 years of experience, by opening to the needs of a modern and evolving market. BBelle is a synonym of craftsmanship and technology. The company has combined in a harmonious way, without contradictions, the value of craftsmanship with the precision of state-of-the-art wood processing technologies.

Tradition and authenticity enliven a collection of classical furnishings with powerful contemporary traits. Handcrafting expertise, exclusive details and precious materials characterise BBelle's collections for sophisticated interior décor projects. Taking advantage of and giving great value to the skills acquired, BBelle have created new collections that retain the excellence of their workmanship unchanged, because they are entirely produced in-house with continuous controls and with the support of state-ofthe art furniture manufacturing technologies. Thanks to the development of innovative techniques BBelle offer solutions that merge refined old fashioned workmanship with the efficiency of structures developed using advanced manufacturing systems, always guaranteeing an impeccable and flawless final product.

BBelle offers a wide range of furniture collections. Callas collection represents beauty and simplicity. A line created to propose a new way of living the bedroom, with elegance, balance and a precious touch. The functional elements of this collection are those of the most modern furnishing solutions: slow closing systems, aluminium guides and plywood curved shapes. Anthea Collection. The refinement of classic style for bedrooms. They have chosen the name Anthea for its classic origin that recalls the concept of a blossoming flower. This collection is entirely dedicated to the bedroom and is ideal for classic style lovers; it includes furniture of timeless beauty and value that goes beyond changes in style and fashions. Diva collection. Furniture that brings light to your environment. A line conceived to furnish both night and day areas that also includes lighting. The pieces of furniture of this collection are highly functional and feature modern solutions such as slow closing systems and aluminium guides; this collection is easily recognizable for its extraordinary ability to reflect the natural light that enters a room. Dolce casa collection. Refined furnishings. Dolce Casa is a collection of refined classic style furnishings. A line that includes real works of art, which represent the traditional Italian art of wood furniture making. This collection includes ageless lines to maintain the personality of your home unchanged. Leaves Luxury collection. A contemporary look in the bedroom. Leaves is a collection with clearly defined traits, where precious details are combined with sinuous shapes and lacquered surfaces. “Leaves” are the theme and distinguishing feature of this line that characterise the wooden structures and decorations. The soft and sinuous lines of the furnishings are dressed with precious gold leaf. The unmistakable style of this collection is completed by Swarovski details that add splendid points of light to each piece of furniture. Margot collection and Tulip collection. The pleasure of a cosy yet stylish bathroom. Practical, functional and resistant furniture with light and curved lines. Margot and Tulip are refined collections manufactured with the best materials, as required by the BBelle brand. Mirò collection. Contemporary art furnishings. The Mirò collection is a journey between art and creativity, with a design inspired by a modern, frenetic and lively living style. Mirò is a blend of imagination and metropolitan creativity, a style that becomes the distinguishing mark of your daily living. Embossed decorations, Bohemia crystal handles, proportionate shapes and exuberant details. Passion collection. Passion Night is an exclusive collection that reinterprets bedroom furnishings according to your requirements. The contemporary design, the finishes with embossed decorations and the lacquering, the handles and Bohemia crystal details all reflect the passion and beauty of this collection.

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