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Giancarlo, Erminio and Alfonso Bazzi founded the company back in 1972 as a small artisan workshop in the earth of Brianza, an area located some 20 kms north of Milan and famous for its longstanding tradition in craftsmanship and wood carving.

Bazzi Interior Decoration has been exhibiting its products at Salone del Mobile – the most prestigious furniture exhibition worldwide – each and every year since 1975. The company has often been asked to make reproductions of items displayed in museums or palaces all around Europe and/or to come up with personalized proposals inspired by these same items.

Wood is the starting point of production of Bazzi Interior Decoration. Their furniture is made of wood and wood only. They ourselves select the wood and they take care of it until it is ready to be cut down and turned into wonderful furniture. The wood is then cut and worked by the hands of men. Carving is the moment when the idea and the design are forever set into the solid wood. All Bazzi Interior Decoration furniture is hand-carved by skilled craftsmen who have been using the same tools for years and years. Needless to say, a carver's tools are the natural extension of his hands: capable hands guided by the mind and the passion for work. This is the true essence of Made in Italy. All the action described above takes place in their premises in Camnago, Brianza.

As a result, Bazzi Interior Decoration now owns more than 1.200 original full size furniture drawings and over 1.000 unique model samples and patterns, all of them always available for our customers to choose from.

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