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The Baxter leather collection is exceptionally diverse with a wide range of colours and finishes promoting one common denominator throughout - luxury. Within the Baxter collection, there are sofas, individual armchairs, beds, panelling, carpets, rugs, cushions, dining and side tables. Accessories include crystal hanging and floor standing chandeliers, wall and table lamps.

Over the course of its history, Baxter has succeeded in developing a hallmark style concept based on the finest leather and the excellent workmanship of its products. It is therefore considered a unique brand devoted to a sophisticated clientele which appreciates contemporary luxury and moods that are consistently new and amazing.

Personal attention is the belief that marks out every aspect of Baxter’s activity and production. Each process has an extremely high manual component, allowing for accurate control over all the smallest details. Thus begins a comprehensive, complete and exciting experience, able to convey that genuine touch and envelop things made well and accurately in feelings which those who choose Baxter furniture can finally become accustomed to.

The UNI EN ISO 14001 identifies the standard that establishes requirements of an environmental management system (EMS) to any organization. Certified according to ISO 14001 is not mandatory, but it is the voluntary choice of the company that decides to establish / implement / maintain active / improve an environmental management system. Baxter has obtained its first certification on 15.12.2005.

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