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Since 1984 Bauxt designs and manufactures exclusively doors. Each product Bauxt is the result of ongoing research, experience and ingenuity that represent an irreplaceable added value within the company.

Bauxt’s technology is based on 30 years of know-how and experience: it is a constant process towards quality to guarantee the maximum lifecycle and reliability of the product over time.

Bauxt has developed patented solutions that combines innovation together with the greatest installation simplicity. RONDO’ INGE: "concealed" technology. Rondò is the concealed hinge system patented by Bauxt that guarantees a perfect flush fit of the door between the surround of the frame and the door, or between the wall and the door, whilst still enabling the door to be opened through 180 degrees.

Always Bauxt invests considerable resources in innovation in the service of security and expansion of its production capacity: the armored Bauxt can thus combine the customization and tailoring of the attention to detail typical of the world “craftsmanship”, the most advanced technology, programming and production processes in the industrial sector.

An armoured door is the most important element for the security of a home since it seals and protects each dwelling from the outside world. Bauxt carries out and checks every production phase so that each door meets the most stringent product criteria for quality, durability and reliability over time. The Bauxt range actually covers 3 of the highest classes of security.

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