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Founded in 2011, Bat Eye is the brainchild of designer and architect Marco Sousa. Based in the city of Porto in Portugal, Bat Eye captures within its designs the structure, style and colours of the designer's birth place – Porto. The brand creates pieces that seamlessly merge art, architecture and design capturing like a bat, the minute details, that make each piece truly special.

With a dedication to architecture and passion for cities, Bat Eye creates furniture that captures the convergence between art and architecture. Each piece aims to convey a story of life in a specific city, street and corner of the world, even in the places you may not expect. Awakening emotions of those who study the design and inspiring them to keep parts of the cities in their homes.

Combining new technology with old joinery techniques, Bat Eye draws and sculpts designs that can be seen as arty and design pieces. Bateye sells all kind of furniture pieces and they all represent fairly bold statements, with their golden features and motifs. The designers at Bateye have an unprecedented creative freedom and this show in their products; not only are they unique, but they also represent a niche of the market that is extremely successful.

Bat Eye process is all about a four-step program to reach success: first and foremost, there's the ability to create and risk. Secondly, there's a strong link between tradition and newer technologies. Third, fine materials and a passion for creating incredible works of art, and fourth, attention to details, in order to make every single piece as unique as it can possibly get, bridging the gap between traditional and technological. Bat Eye has built its identity on observing, appreciating and creating passionate pieces.

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