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The Bastianelli Home brand was founded in 2012 by Bastex Srl, which is specialized in leather materials since 1987. The desire to return to propose leather upholstery, the passion, the manufactory capacity, experience and knowledge of precious material, combined whit the current trends in the furniture industry gave birth to this amazing brand.

Bastianelli Home is mainly involved in the production of high-quality leather based furniture. Bastianelli Home offers collections of furniture, upholstered furniture, lighting and accessories in an elegant and contemporary style that draws on the past to create timeless objects, in an eternal balance between memories and the present. Materials, colors and shapes, designed to allow a variety of combinations that can follow the inclinations and the sensitivity of each customer, creating custom and welcoming living spaces.

The real luxury is not to be imposed, it is something it has to be gently perceived and lived: in the quality of materials, and in the warmth and harmony of the products. Bastianelli Home production of high quality certified 100% Made in Italy.

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