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Barausse Spa has been producing high quality designer interior doors for residential, business and hotel applications since 1967. More than 40 years of experience in the design and production of inside doors for homes, companies and hotels.

Barausse has enhanced the aesthetic value of the door by conferring it with furnishing dignity and by improving its technology. 17 industrial patents for leaf, frame and hardware innovations make their doors technologically advanced; constant research that is careful and expert offers excellence in terms of practicality, easy assembly and duration in time.

Environmental protection and absolute respect for human health are the basic principles on which Barausse centre their operating philosophy. The company's products are made using wood that comes from cultivations in controlled forest areas and are finished with water-based paint.

Barausse has contributed to "Made in Italy" values since 1967. Every one of their proposals is an original creation. The entire manufacturing process, from design to realization, takes place at their facilities in Monticello Conte Otto, in Vicenza. These characteristics, that make Barausse unique, are summed up in the "100% BARAUSSE MADE IN ITALY" brand name.

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