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Bamax was founded 35 years ago in the Venice countryside, among a vast network of artisan workshops. Today, the company continues to express its roots through unique, classical furniture designs that are richly inspired by Italian culture and ancient traditions. Relying on cabinet makers and master polishers who are skilled in old-world tradition, Bamax custom made kitchen furniture represents the sophisticated fusion of time-honored techniques with today technologies.

Bamax has always distinguished itself for the quality of its products and for its unique styling cues that draw on traditional values to provide a standard of excellence. The quality is guaranteed by high-grade woods and materials. Every wood used (including walnut, oak and cherry) is adequately dried, evaporated and seasoned. This ensures excellent stability and long-lasting quality. Traditional hand polishing to impart the color and characteristics of antique furniture.

The passion expressed by the skilled hands of expert artisans of Bamax. The solidity, which ensures durability and maximum comfort. The absolute beauty, as suggested by age-old traditions that come together in a taste classic, elegant contaminated with touches of contemporary design. Passion for unique made in Italy.

Your kitchen will truly become an expression of your personal style when you select your fine cabinetry from Bamax.

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