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Astor Mobili designs, produces and sells furnishing accessories, furniture and doors for interiors in Italy and abroad.

Astor Mobili - offers furniture for modern living areas, a wide collection of modular systems, bookcases, libraries with sliding doors.

Astor Mobili well embodies the “Made in Italy” concept, designing and producing interior doors and design furnishings since 1961. The entire production cycle takes place in their plants, where highly skilled staff manages and monitors all manufacturing processes, starting from the essence selection till the assembly and the shipping of the finished product.

Astor Mobili is a company with Quality Management System complying with European standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, a process that monitors and ensures the constant maintenance of standardized quality, from design to finished product.

Astor Mobili has GOST-R certification, acronym for "Gosudarstvennyj Standart", a Russian word for "State Standard": it is a required and mandatory certification that allows to collaborate with Russian and ex-USSR companies.

Design, research of new shapes and flexibility represent the essence of Astor Mobili's programs: ranging from wood to aluminium and glass, they integrate one another in a harmonious continuum. Doors become unique solutions determined by tailoring customization, allowing you to go beyond the limit of "home design", landing in new fields that deal with furnishings for hotels, offices, contracts.

The patented Bridge, Meeting, and Evolution systems clearly testify Astor Mobili's identity and innovative philosohpy.

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