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In 1916, Giuseppe Asnaghi founded a small workshop in Meda, a small town in the heart of the Brianza region and well known all over Italy for its craftsmanship in furniture manufacturing. Towards the middle of the century, the small manufacturing workshop became a company: with the help of the younger generation of the family, passionate and devoted to its grandfather’s works, born the company "Asnaghi Giuseppe & C" and begins to export their valuable products in the most important cities of the world.

Here comes the 1990s with the third generation of the family which renames the historical "Asnaghi Giuseppe & C" in a more modern name "Asnaghi Interiors". The company starts establishing itself outside the national borders and reaches territories prohibited until that time as the Russian Federation.

Asnaghi Interiors has managed to reinterpret the timeless charm of the classic style defeating the most difficult and complex challenges of the interior design. The skill, talent and vision of all the members of the Asnaghi family have contributed to make Asnaghi Interiors one of the most important brands which produce classical furniture completely Made in Italy.

The production of furniture and the continuous research of high quality finishes are the staple that attests the versatility of the company of Meda. Glamour, elegance and beauty are the main features of nature of Asnaghi Interiors, which combines the traditional style with the demands of the modern market and interprets the new trends of home design.

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