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For more than 50 years, Artisan has been designing and handcrafting solid wood furniture. Each piece is carefully made in their wood factory emerged from the traditional woodwork shop Ćostović, which conveyed all its love towards wood and many-year experience of wood processing into it. Artisan's furniture is heirloom-quality and made to last a lifetime. The company specializes in the manual production of high quality furniture made from solid wood, and this insistence on manual, artisan work is what sets they apart.

As today’s interiors move from hard-edged minimalism towards comfortable simplicity, Artisan seeks to provide its clients with warm, inviting interiors that are chic and timeless. The company custom design, manufacture and install high quality furniture and home furnishings for clients who take pride in the spaces they inhabit.

Artisan treat walnut, cherry, pear, elm and acacia wood only with superheated steam to reach an ideal color with an accentuated texture without jeopardizing the structure and ecological values of the wood. The final production stages are assembling and finishing work. For the finishing work the company uses natural oils, soaps, wax and varnish. These substances are mutually acceptable. The use of these substances (or the combination of the same) on dried wood ensures a longer lifespan, preserves its naturalness and improves the visual wood features – color, texture, etc.

Artisan gives its wood only into the hands of those designers who share their love of wood. The plant and the artisans are equipped and trained to offer designers as much freedom and options as possible in order for them to realize their vision. Further more, the company encourages the designers to create each piece with their own artistic signature insisting that every such piece is worthy of the precious material it was made from, thus conveying their philosophy of love of wood.

Today, with a portfolio comprised of more than 500 items, Artisan offer their customers a full range of furniture items, all using traditional joinery and beautiful hardwoods. Every piece is hand-finished to ensure that it will be a pleasure for you to touch and own.

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