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The foundations of Artifort were laid by Jules Wagemans when he set up business as an upholsterer in Maastricht in 1890. His son, Henricus Wagemans, expanded the company into a furniture factory, which had a showroom in Amsterdam by the end of the nineteen twenties and was already well known nationally.

In 1928 the new brand name was introduced: Artifort, derived from the Latin word "ars" meaning art or knowledge, and "fortis" meaning strong or powerful. The word "comfort" is also reflected in this brand name.

Artifort is what this world-famous brand stands for. And for timeless design. Design that endures. Design that is authoritative. From Pierre Paulin and Geoffrey Harcourt to René Holten and Patrick Norguet. Design for sitting, waiting, meeting, storing and discussing. It’s no accident that our delightful, exclusive furniture features in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art and the Centre Pompidou. Artifort means top-quality design by top designers. For the home, office, boardroom or lobby.

Everyone who attaches importance to form and function will find a design that captures their heart in the Artifort collection.

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