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Artempo is a company founded in 1997 in Matera, a southern Italian city of art famous for its ancient quarters called “Sassi”, Unesco World Heritage since 1993. Its founder’s goal has always been clear since the beginning: to make furnishing elements to enhance domestic and work spaces with a touch of modern and spirited artistic craftsmanship.

The great Artempo production consists of over 300 articles considering lamps and canvases. Its products are made with different materials: plastic, leather, wood and steel. These materials are finely shaped and decorated creating original and contemporary products whose high standard quality and updated innovation are guaranteed by the collaboration of designers and artisans. The production is rigorously made in Italy.

Also Artempo is able to customize your canvas and lamps CASTOR, POLLUX, IDRA from any images and pictures you supply. Images and pictures should be sent in Tiff or Jpg format, scale 1:1, at 180 dpi minimal resolution, or in a big and clear paper format.

Make your home unique with custom lamp.

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