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Arte Antiqua, a handicraft firm specialized in the production of furniture in solid wood, recovers the culture and the inheritance of the most ancient techniques patrimony created by skilled hands. Founded by Adriano Zen in 1979.

Arte Antiqua, situated in the North of Italy, a few kilometres far from Venice, is still directed by the founder Adriano, with the collaboration of his wife Bruna and his sons Katia, Mirko and Cinzia. At the base of everything, there is the competence of whom manages it and of whom works in: a team of experts technicians as it regards the design and the organizational aspect, while the production occupies 40 employees, all experts in the cabinet-making.

Arte Antiqua, developed on around four thousand square metres of workroom, is sectorially divided so that it can assure an optimal workmanship of furniture, that starts from a careful drying process of the wood, ending in the last phase of polishing.

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