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Founded in 1979 (Fontanafredda, Pordenone, Italy), Arrital Cucine has consistently invested in human and creative resources, in infrastructures, and in their technological and productive systems for the last 30 years.

Arrital Cucine debuted with the production of modular kitchen furniture whose care, selection and quality of materials were immediately manifested and appreciated. As early as the late 80s Arrital approaches the international markets and in 1996 joined the major Doimo group: brand quickly became synonymous with safety and reliability.

Arrital Cucine reaches today its clients in over 30 countries worldwide and can count on its 170 employees and some 55 thousand sqm facility over an area of over 115 thousand sqm.

Passion for quality and innovation has always marked Arrital Cucine path and led to sustainable choices in its relations with the environment. An example of this is the photovoltaic installation which makes it almost autonomous.

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