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The Aromas del Campo factory was founded in 1986 in Valencia (Spain). Now the company is known throughout Europe by designer chandeliers, floor lamps and table lamps, and at first it specialized in aromatic products made from flowers – hence the name is not the most usual for the manufacturer of lamps.

Good lighting can change an entire space. Really good lighting can anchor an entire room and Spanish brand, Aromas del Campo does exactly this. Nowadays their business is fully dedicated to lighting systems with a broad range of products specifically focused on design and avant-garde. From standing lamps to desk lamps and everything in between, this is lighting that lights you up.

Aromas del Campo is specialist in the manufacture of lamps design with high quality finishes and innovation in the materials used. Collections as Atom, Endo, Ellen, Less are widely known for their use in decoration and architecture projects. In Aromas del Campo offer original wall, floor and ceiling lamps, by experimenting with materials: glass, wood, stone, various metal alloys, textiles. It is enough to take a quick look at the catalog in order to understand how well the imagination of the brand's designers works.

The brand Aromas del Campo produce extremely varied fixtures in terms of shape, mood and functionality. Here you can choose both of models created using “classic” design and the most unusual solutions. For example, the designers of Aromas del Campo manage to harmoniously combine steel frames with quilted fabric shades, and marble elements with metal.

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